It has been a long while since I last updated this project and although that may be a true reflection of the work I have been doing on the sword, it is not a true reflection on the work in general. The truth is that, as in all thing, life gets in the way from time to time.

I was developing the physical ability to train seriously and found that it takes longer than I thought. I had come a long way from the sedentary lifestyle I once had but after a few physical setbacks and trips to the physiotherapist, I could see that perhaps I had further to go. This is understandably depressing news; when you work hard to maintain and recover from a lifetime of desk jobs, to overcome back and knee problems, only to twist or scupper your plans on a single mistimed stretch. Never mind.

Alongside the physical aspects, I had been remaking my copy of Fior di Battaglia from scratch. I think working from first principles is always a good way to approach learning, and with the Getty version of the manuscript, I had a lot of trouble with the balance, the symmetry and the logical breakdown of the material. Not the content, it should be noted, I obviously can’t question the material. However, as a designer and modern reader, I felt I could help my understanding and perhaps set out a clear learning path if I just rewrote the whole thing. Again, I had moved quite far down that process only to find that life had a way of adjusting my priorities.

So, in short, I had great intentions and then found I was unable to fulfil them as soon as I planned to. It’s important to notice that this is normal. Just because we are set back does not mean we have stopped. As long as your intent and interest pulls you in a direction, then you are travelling. You are moving, however slowly, along the path you choose. Movement is momentum. Keep going.

In the meantime, between this post and the next, I will simply leave this here without comment, other than to say this isn’t the final item. I think you will know what it means.

New Fior di Battaglia-page 9