Note: Another blog post from that time and a continuation of the same thoughts I have recently resurrected. These ideas and initiatives will always seem to rise up and fall back, a constant wave of enthusiasm, looping through time. It needs to be utilised when it appears. As the interest peaks each time we are able to use that small window of motivation to get ourselves closer to the edge of action, until we are beyond the precipice of inertia. So many metaphors! 

Old blog post: In which I examine all kinds of swords with passion and naiveté…

I have been looking at swords and comparing them with the kind of geeky nerd focus that most chaps may reserve for cars, studying their stats and reading reviews trying to work out the perfect sword and the hierarchy of good, better, best. Along with that comes knowledge of their properties and what it is that defines a sword from a wall hanging.

The swords I have been comparing have been the European variety of Arming Sword, Hand and Half Sword, Bastard Sword and Two Handed Sword; each defined by the general outline, the length of blade and the length of handle. The ratio seems to differ with each manufacturer though so I cant seem to define these by any hard rules. The Arming Sword is a single hand sword

The Wooden Sword, or “waster”, is a hard wood version of the sword type and weighs less than half of the ‘real’ metal counterparts. (£30)

Blade Length 31 3⁄4″
Total Length 38 1⁄4″
Weight 1 lb

The Synthetic Nylon Sword, is a reinforced high impact plastic, again weighing slightly less than metal but very durable over a longer period of time without splintering. (£50)

Blade Length 34”
Total Length 41 ½”
Weight 1.7lbs

Wall hanging Replica Swords are purely decorative even if recreated using traditional skills. Even if forged it can still be a purely sculptural object. (£150)

Blade Length 33 ½”
Total Length 39 ½”
Weight 1.45lbs

The Practical Sword makes a jump in the process. Here is where the item can begin to be called a real sword. They are made from carbon steel, are heat treated and have a full ‘tang’ at the handle and take the item from something sword like to something that can take real use against other swords, pells, armour and so on. The site goes into all the details and more. (£80)

Blade Length 30”
Total Length 36 ½”
Weight 2.5lbs

Beyond just making a sword with the basic level of craft to be considered real there is a long list of sword manufacturers that range from the historically accurate chunks of metal to the highly refined perfect chunks of perfection. This series of reviews says more than I want to say and sums up everything needed to compare like for like.

This leads to high end but affordable ( to some ) swords that can take long lasting use on any target, the best of which seems to be Dark Sword Armory. (£250)

Blade Length 28”
Total Length 35”
Weight 3.1lbs

Then finally to what is generally noted as being the highest quality in sword making. Albion Swords and their museum quality recreations. (£1,200)

Blade Length 33”
Total Length 39”
Weight 3.4lbs

6088835384_f1a5735ca5_mOut of all of these there is one that stands out for me as being the finest. It is made by my wife using two sticks and some twine for my boy to use. (£0)

Blade Length 16”
Total Length 22”
Weight 0.4lbs

Best. Sword. Ever.